Traveling with an Enduring Smile

What does it take to truly break free of the lives we build around ourselves? Seems an easy answer. Just pick up and go somewhere! Sure, easy. But when you stop drooling over picturesque Instagram photos and truly start dipping your foot in those waters you realize the web of support you have weaved for yourself doubles as a wall. Your inner voices are echoing like a sound chamber as you start bouncing this idea off friends and family.

What’s the budget for something like that?

What will you even eat, they put fish sauce in everything?

Don’t leave unattended drinks or food, be vigilant.

Buy some protection out there, maybe a burner knife at every country?

Time to quiet those voices and answer those questions. We will find the answers and hopefully we will find a smile, not just on our faces, but on those who we meet and share this wonderful journey we have embarked upon. We know it won’t be easy. There will be times where we will get caught up in the undertow. But that is often the best part of the experience. Swirling in the waves and smashing your face against the sand. Years later those bruises will be forgotten, smoothed out like a fine wine, leaving only sweet memory.

Time to smash my face in the sand

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